The summer street trial aims to bring back joy and trust to city life in Helsinki

Kasarmitori Summer will celebrate freedom and safe opportunities to meet others. The look of the terrace area and summer streets was inspired by the seaside areas of Helsinki, summer celebrations and safe encounters.

Even the streets leading to the terrace will get visitors ready to celebrate and enjoy summer, as Kasarmikatu and Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu will be decorated with floral wreaths and converted into “summer streets” to appeal to pedestrians during the summer season.

The sides of the summer streets will also feature lounge areas – small maritime-themed islets – that provide the opportunity to enjoy the exciting programming arranged in the area, for example.

The summer street trials provide new and exciting routes to the terrace area, the Helsinki Biennial pavilion and the ferry dock on the shore. Another aim of the summer street trials is to create a more comfortable urban space.

The rest areas, called islets, are inspired by the maritime nature of Helsinki. The grey-toned islets are made of Finnish wood and decorated with plants in summer. They function as rest areas open for everyone, providing a view of Esplanade Park and the sea.

Kasarmikatu and Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu will be changed into one-way living streets. Cycling is allowed against the motor traffic, and vehicle access to properties and service vehicle traffic will be allowed.

Traffic control plan (in Finnish):

Move slowly on the summer street, enjoying the summer

The trial examines ways of improving the walkability of streets in the inner city, without changing the streets to pedestrian streets. Kasarmikatu and Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu will be changed into one-way living streets, and rest areas, seats, parklet terraces, and bike parks will be placed on the streets. Means of transportation will not be separated from one another on the living streets, and pedestrians can use the entire street. Car drivers must adjust their speed to that of the pedestrians, and the speed limit on these streets will be 20 km/h. Cycling is allowed both ways on Kasarmikatu and Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu, as allowed by the new Road Traffic Act. Vehicle access to properties and service vehicle traffic will be allowed even in the future, and the parking facilities in the region will remain in use.

In addition to the islets, the soundscape and greenery of the area will reflect the maritime theme. The floral arrangements for the area will mostly consist of various combinations of reeds, grass and hay.

The wood board cabins that visitors became familiar with last summer on Senate Square will once again serve as the sales points – this time coloured in subdued grey. Kasarmitori will feature 12 sales points in total, a kiosk and seating for roughly 560 people. The restaurateurs for the terrace were selected in April.

Coronavirus safety has been the starting point for the design of the entire terrace and street trial area. For example, the positioning of hand washing stations and directions of travel were considered carefully.